Partner Tech SP-800 PC

Beauty and Elegance Meets the POS Demands of Todays ever changing POS environment, businesses are demanding more from their POS systems. From customer relationship management to self service and everything in between, the demand for POS capabilities is higher than ever.

Today`s environment also brings about something else, a more price conscious business owner. Partner Tech, being your true Partner in POS, developed the new compact and powerful Dual-Core SP-800 to meet both of these trends: increased power and cost effectiveness. Housed in a beautiful and elegant aluminum body, the SP-800 provides the system performance and reliability that Partner Tech products have become known for.

Posiflex KS7200

Within the comprehensive KS family of fan free terminals, the new KS7200 offers a good combination of price and performance.

Featuring Posiflex’s patented aluminum chassis for maximum heat dispersion, an Intel® Atom™ 1.8 GHz Dual Core CPU, and support of Win 7 Pro among other operating systems, the KS7200 offers great performance, reliability and compatibility. Equipped with optional RAID 1, a valuable feature for a point-of-sale or business critical data collection, this redundancy safeguards your important data to ensure maximum uptime. Being fan-free, the KS7200 reduces energy consumption, and eliminates a potential point of mechanical failure, reducing service costs.

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