ACR Retail Point of Sale

ACR POS Software has a beautiful and functional draphical display interface that allows you to use a Touch Screen monitor or a regular monitor with mouse. The graphical display touch screen makes ringing up sales fast and easy for you and your employees. Ring up sales by scanning a bar code, a click of the mouse or a touch of your finger. Your items are automatically arranged by category & department, making items fast and simple to find.

  • Our Retail POS software is designed for a number of vertical markets
  • Liquor Store – Convenience Store – Flower Store – Kiosk – Pharmacy – Salon & Spa – Bistro / Cafe / Quick Serve – Bakery – Specialty Boutitue
  • Clothing & Footwear Store – Gas Station – Theatre & Ticketing – Grocery Store – Farmer Markets – Cheese & Deli – Consignment – Butcher & Meat

This software is designed to be simple, fast and easy to learn. It’s compatible with the industries most advanced scanners, printers and cash drawers. If you’re new to the idea of using your PC as a POS, drop us an email. We would be glad to answer your questions.

Designed for first time users, pull-down menus and touch screen software make electronic point of sale easy to use. For a transaction, the operator scans the bar code label or keys in the transaction and, with a few keystrokes or use of a touch screen, can produce a fully itemized receipt. As each transaction is completed, the products sold are automatically deducted from the inventory. ACR POS Software can also sell by using a matrix, meaning, selling products by size, colour, edition, condition, fabric types & six other options that can be custom to your requests. Each product can also have up to 6 prices level per item.

Inventory tracking listed by Year, Month, Day, Hour, Salesperson, Cashier, Vendor, Category or Customer. Find who, where, and when your sales are at their highest and lowest. Other reports give detailed breakdowns of every product by a Vendor or Category. See the cost, profit and sales in detail with a single click. Find out who’s the top salesperson at a glance. Instantly find out if products are being sold below your set margins. ACR Point of Sale software gives the power to you, the power to run your business at top efficiency.

ACR POS software includes front end sales & back end management in one package.

Low Margin Warning

Turn on ‘Low Margin Warning’ and POS will check every sale for items selling below your settings and warn the operator, runs reports for each item below margin

Quality Service

We believe in our products and stand by them. Buy with confidence that your getting exactly what you want and with a company that will be there when you need us.

One Button Sales Totals

With one button find out today’s/yesterdays sales, this/last week, this/last quarter, or this/last year.

Customer Categories

Customers can be assigned a category, such as Wholesale, Retail, Employee. Each category can have it’s own discount rate and tax rate.

Process Sales

Quick and Easy sales processing with automatic markdowns or on the fly percentage mark downs. Sales tax, discounts, shipping and handling charges. Bar code entry, item number entry or on the fly entryClick to edit text. What stands you apart from the competition?

Inventory Control Management

Inventory Control Software: Inventory tracking by Vendor, Low Quantity, Description or Category.

On the Fly Inventory Entry

Add to your inventory database quickly and easily all at once or on the fly with pop open easy access windows.

Customer Information

Optionally collect customer information.

Re-Order Estimator

ACR POS will estimate how much to re-order based on past sales. This will help with cash flow by reducing your excess inventory.

Cash Drawer Reconciliation

Fast and accurate drawer totals with simple counting and itemized payment categories.

Sales History

Sales summaries by Time, Cashier, Customer, Vendor or Products.
* Software can export information to .csv .xls . txt and quickbooks files

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