WinRest is fast, flexible and packed with convenient features and is world-renowned for it's simplicity, it's security, and ease of use. WinRest is highly recommended for general type Restaurant and/or Bar, Sandwich Shop, Pizzeria, Steak House, Cafe Shop, Deli, Buffet, Catering business, Doughnut & Pastry Shop


WinRest Restaurant Management POS

WinRest™ Restaurant Management Software has been installed in over 10,000 locations worldwide.  WinRest™ can be found across Canada, US, Europe, South Africa, Asia and the Middle East.

The award-winning WinRest Professional™, continues to be the industries leading restaurant management software solution.  Providing a flexible, ultra reliable and  secure  platform  that our clients choose not to live without. ABS engineers with 35 years of direct feedback from our end users, continue to make a great thing even better.

WinRest™ is found across the world and there is a reason why it has been ranked # 1 in many Independent North American and worldwide Customer satisfaction surveys again and again.

Whether WinRest™ is on your Windows® based Tablet or Point of Sale System,designing your floor space to match your environments interior/exterior can enhance the power of your hardware and staff.

WinRest™ reports provide a full overview of a wide variety of metrics. Choose from a wide range of real-time reports, or build your own.

Managing your restaurant staff is easy with the many Employee Utilities that are built right into every version of WinRest™.

From scheduling your staff to EOD Reports to scheduled database backups, you will find yourself with more time. ​


WinRest POS Key Features


WinRest Adscreen Customer Display

Increase your revenue by implementing multi-screen moments of engagement with AdScreen; the easiest integrated solution that can help connect with your audience across every screen. AdScreen is a powerful application that bridges the gap between your inventory and partnerships to your end users. Use dynamic content to quickly deliver insightful proposals, decrease perceived wait times, increase impulse purchase, and much much more.

AdScreen Benefits at a glance
- Generate income immediately by advertising for your partners
- Up-sale items that you wish easily from any web-enabled PC
- Inform your end users of critical information that they appreciate
- Modernize the look of your establishment with energy-efficient LED LCD's


WinRest Mobile

   WinRest Mobile allows you to harness the power and functionality of a POS workstation into a mobile device that allows you to service customers anywhere at any time. WinRest Mobile was designed to increase table turn over and provide the fastest possible service for your customers.

   WinRest Mobile POS Benefits at a glance
- Engineered to make point of sale extremely easy to learn, teach & use
- Provides flexibility and a user-friendly interface that is easily  customizable
- PCIDSS compliant
- Assures your guests’ privacy and security
- Fast, flexible & accurate table side order taking


WinAuthorize is a certified payment authorization solution that processes credit, debit, gift card and check transactions through all major payment networks. Designed to save you time and money by providing powerful features and reliability at the point of sale.

WinAuthorize for Payment Processing 
 - Certified for multiple connectivity methods, including Dial-up Modems
 - Customizable reporting features
 - Multiple payment types accepted: All major Credit Cards, Debit Cards, EBT
 - PA-DSS Validated
 - Powered by Microsoft.NET technology
Ultra Secure

All versions of WinRest™ seamlessly integrate all aspects of hospitality and restaurant management with ultra-secure communication based on AES(256 Bit) encoding; technology based on the same standards as https/SSL, and used by nearly all financial institutions.
Pay At Table

Provide faster service for customers directly at their table. WinAuthorize™ and WinRest ™ offer patrons the increased privacy and total convenience of settling payment right at the table

  WinAuthorize™ for Payment Processing Key Features at a Glance 
  NEW! NetePay and DSI ClientX integration from DataCap Systems Inc.
  NEW! Connect to over 20 different payment processors seamlessly
  Full support for Cash, Tips, Gift Cards, Visa®, MasterCard® and Interac®
  Full support for Contactless Payment
  Automatic switch to dialup if internet connection is lost
  Automatic switch back to high-speed payment gateway
  Certified with major credit / debit / gift card processors